WAFLT Events

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Upcoming & Past Conferences 

WAFLT organizes conferences in Fall and Spring. On even-numbered years, WAFLT and COFLT combine for a bi-state conference held in either Washington or Oregon. Several Spring regional conferences are offered in April and May. Join us at a conference for a workshop led by World Language experts and sessions led by regional teachers.


Professional development

Information and links to local and nationwide professional development opportunities

WAFLT Webinars

Throughout the year, WAFLT offers a series of webinars for World Language teachers. Topics will include technology integration, curriculum development, AP courses, classroom management, program advocacy,  ACTFL core practices, authentic resource use, assessment, and language-specific themes.

Announcements and Important Dates

Visit our announcements for the deadline for PNCFL Lingo article submissions or WAFLT awards, scholarships, and contests.

WAFLT Upcoming Events