Washington Association of Foreign Language Teachers

WAFLT Grants: A Wonderful Opportunity for Members

Do you have a creative teaching idea, but need some financial support to get it going? The Washington Association for Language Teaching encourages and supports professional growth in these areas and more through a variety of grant opportunities.

There are currently three WAFLT grants available:

WAFLT Mini Grant: For proposals to support teaching ideas up to $750. Describe your project; submit a budget and your curriculum vitae. Explain the educational need to be met and how you plan to meet this need. (This grant MAY be used to pay fees for a teacher's class to take the STAMP assessment.) Up to three grants will be awarded. This grant may NOT be used for purchase of texts covered by district funds, your salary while working on the project, personal travel expenses, reimbursement of regular school personnel or reimbursement for time spent developing the project.

Career Development Grant: Intended to encourage and support teachers with three to ten years of teaching experience who intend to make teaching a career. It is intended to further professional development. As such, it may be used for degree programs, travel, foreign-study programs, or books and materials. Describe the project and future goals in language education. Submit a budget and timeline. Include your up-to-date curriculum vitae. Two supporting letters of recommendation should address your initiative and creativity. Total grant shall not exceed $750.

Keith Crosbie Professional Growth Grant: Earmarked to encourage and support the career teacher with ten plus years of experience who is seeking professional growth resulting in a more creative and satisfying career in foreign language education. The scholarship will not exceed $1000. Describe your project and future goals in world language education. Submit a budget and timeline. Your up-to-date curriculum vitae or resume is also required. Two supporting letters of recommendation should address your initiative and creativity.

To be eligible, you must be a current WAFLT member, and you must have been a member for at least the last three consecutive years. If you received a grant last year, you must wait at least one calendar year before applying for another to give others an opportunity.

As educators, we are always looking for ways to maximize the benefits to other members. Grant recipients will have several options for how they can share their project during the year following the grant; they can write an article about it for the FORUM, they can present a session about it at a WAFLT conference, or they can suggest an alternative method for board approval.

The deadline for submitting applications is April 15, 2015 and applicants will be notified by May 31, 2015. Winners will be officially recognized at the fall WAFLT conference. The recipient will receive a check for the amount granted, along with a letter and certificate. Please read the application instructions carefully; only complete applications will be considered. To check your membership status, please contact Lauren Kiolet at lkiolet@earthlink.net.

The WAFLT board looks forward to receiving your grant proposal for consideration. Click here to download the WAFLT grant application. Questions? Contact Bridget Yaden at yadenlbe@plu.edu

WAFLT Awards: Nominate someone today!

If you would like to nominate someone for one of the WAFLT awards listed below, please click here for the nomination form, or contact Lauren Kiolet at lkiolet@earthlink.net.

This new award is a recognition given to members who have a proven track record of:
1. Promoting recognition of the importance of World Language study within and beyond the school community.
2. Displaying innovative approaches and modeling creativity in the teaching of world languages, including sharing, networking and mentoring of colleagues.
3. Promoting excellence and inspiring students.
4. Creating a superior program for his/her department.
5. Striving to promote greater cultural awareness, intercultural understanding, and the celebration of diversity within the classroom and school communities. This award recipient will also be WAFLT's candidate for the PNCFL Teacher of the Year. The ultimate recipient of PNCFL's award will be the regional representative for the ACTFL Teacher of the Year. Nominee MUST be a WAFLT member.

This award, WAFLT's most prestigious, was inaugurated in 1973. It has been awarded to distinguished world language educators from the elementary to college levels. It has also been awarded to individuals outside our profession, for example, from the world of journalism, business and government. The Pro Lingua Award recognizes individuals or organizations which have made outstanding contributions:
1. In promoting intercultural and international understanding;
2. To the teaching of world languages and to the development and implementation of learning theories;
3. In creating community interest in and awareness of the importance of world language education.

This certificate is presented to a person or persons selected by the WAFLT board who has demonstrated leadership and inspiration to others in the world language fields. This certificate recognizes important contributions in promoting, organizing, supporting, defending, lobbying, or planning some important aspect of study of world languages and/or cultures.

This certificate is given to a person or persons who conducted activities or staged events which garnered publicity and created public awareness for the study of foreign languages. Highly recognized world language fairs, community speakers' bureaus, radio and television ads, media stories concerning school programs, and other events aimed at increasing the exposure of second language study to the general populace are examples of the types of activities which the recipient of this award has initiated.

This certificate is presented to a person or persons who developed and used innovative methods of teaching in the world language classroom. This could include creative means for teaching second language conversation, inventive ideas for instructing students in culture and multi-cultural awareness, or new and effective methods for developing second language reading and writing skills. Nominee MUST be a WAFLT member.

This certificate is presented to a person or persons whose contributions to the world language profession have been unflagging and have enjoyed widespread impact. Creating, writing, and/or editing of world language publications; organizational work and service with special projects; help with letter-writing campaigns, leadership in running regional and state conferences, and energetic support of WAFLT activities in general over a period of years are activities this certificate endeavors to recognize.

The Washington Association for Language Teaching offers up to three $1,000.00 scholarships each year to Washington residents taking advanced world language courses at the university level. The award is merit based rather than need based. The application deadline for this year is April 15, 2015 and the notification of award will be made by May 15, 2015. For an application, click here, and to see the flyer with more information, click here.

Updated December 6, 2014