Washington Association for Language Teaching

Conferences & Workshops

There are numerous workshops and professional development opportunities held across the state. Please check the Calendar for titles and contact information for registration.

Mark your calendars now to attend the WAFLT fall conference, INSPIRE.ENGAGE.TRANSFORM, October 8-10 in Wenatchee, WA at the Wenatchee Coast Hotel and Convention Center! We are pleased to announce that the Friday keynote speaker will be Nicole Naditz. Keynote Title: Teaching to Inspire, Engage, and Transform. Description: Have you ever wondered what makes a big idea big? Or how ˜out of the box ideas go from implausible one day to commonplace the next, from no way to our way day-to-day? ACTFL 2015 National Language Teacher of the Year Nicole Naditz will take you on a journey to unwrap the commonplace origins of some very big ideas (Inspire) and share what we can learn as teachers (Engage) from both their humble beginnings and their impressive outcomes (Transform). Watch this website for more details as they become available!

3-Hour Saturday Workshop Title: Curate the Web: Active Student Engagement with Culturally Authentic Materials. Description: Lead with culture and the language will follow. Authentic documents are a great way to "lead with culture" but how do we use authentic documents effectively with all levels of language learners, including Novice? Join the ACTFL 2015 National Language Teacher of the Year in a hands-on session exploring free web-based tools that allow you to embed questions and interactive activities throughout authentic videos. Engage with these and other tools that allow you to curate multiple resources from the Web and your own computer to create engaging, culturally rich, interactive, authentic experiences for language learners. Participants will leave with access to a program-specific Web site including links to all Web tools used, links to video tutorials, the entire presentation, and a database of activities the participants themselves will have created during the workshop.

The link for hotel reservations will be activated by the hotel soon. Please consider staying at the host hotel, the Wenatchee Hotel. The guest rooms we book and the food we order help pay for the meeting spaces we use. The room rate is $115 single/double and $10 for each additional person.

The Proposal Submission Form is now available. Please consider sharing with your colleagues this way. To submit a proposal for the conference, click here.

Last update: May 23, 2015