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There are numerous workshops and professional development opportunities held across the state. Please check the Calendar for titles and contact information for registration.

Mark your calendars now to attend the WAFLT-COFLT bistate conference, Reaching Global Competence, October 9-11 in Vancouver, WA at the Hilton Hotel and Convention Center! Friday's keynote speaker will be 2013 ACTFL Teacher of the Year Noah Geisel. Noah has been teaching high school English, Spanish and Technology for 13 years. An addict of sharing and collaborating with other teachers, he is a constant on Twitter and a contributing writer to the education blog TeachPaperless.com. His presentations have been selected Best of Colorado, Best of SWCOLT and Best of CSC. He is a traveler, learner and hardcore fan of Duke Basketball. His keynote is Keeping It Real: Reaching Global Competence through Authenticity. Reaching Global Competence is more than a beneficial side effect of a high quality world language education; it is one of the primary goals. Keynote speaker Noah Geisel will explore the role of engaging students in authentic problems and tasks that intrinsically motivate students to generate real solutions and make useful products.

Noah will also present a post-conference workshop: Engaging World Language Students with Culture. Interest in culture is what motivated most language teachers to learn another language and it is essential that we share this passion with students and hook them with culture. We will focus on dozens of specific avenues to pursue authentic, 24/7 culture realia. Examples are in Spanish but ideas for all language teachers are shared. Bring a laptop and be prepared to create and collaborate with colleagues.

Linking Standards and Proficiency to Your Classroom is the title of Saturday's keynote address by Dr. Mary Lynn Redmond. Mary Lynn Redmond is Professor of Education and Coordinator of K-12 Foreign Language Education at Wake Forest University (NC). Mary Lynn teaches undergraduate and graduate level courses in K-12 methodology and research and also supervises student interns. Prior to her work at the university level, Mary Lynn taught French in grades K-12.

Mary Lynn is currently president of the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL). She has held numerous state and national positions, including president of the Foreign Language Association of North Carolina (FLANC), president and executive secretary of the National Network for Early Language Learning (NNELL).

Mary Lynn's contributions to the profession have been dedicated to the promotion of high quality K-12 proficiency-oriented foreign language programs for all students. Her research covers a wide range of topics in foreign language education, and her most recent book, Action Research in the World Language Classroom, was published in 2013.

Thanks to the support of ACTFL and PNCFL, we will also be able to offer our pre-conference all-day workshop on Thursday, October 9. THE "KEYS TO PLANNING" workshop is now CLOSED. If you register for it now, you will be placed on a waiting list and notified if there is a cancellation prior to Wednesday, October 8.

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Post Conference Workshop #2: Thinking About Syncing? Technology tools for World Language Educators--This collaborative, hands-on working session presented by Catherine Ousselin will promote the exchange and development of technology-supported Digital Storytelling and other projects that align to Common Core and the National Standards for Learning Languages. Our discussion will encompass attitudes, experiences, and other challenges in the adoption of technology tools in World Language education. Examples of projects and lessons pertaining to various curricular themes and outcomes will be shared. Participants should bring a laptop computer and should have mastered the basic operations of the device. Any additional mobile devices (iPods/Pads/Tablets) are welcome and will be used. To preview the apps and tools to be used, visit: www.catherine-ousselin.org/technology.html.

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